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''Love is in all things a most wonderful teacher…'' Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend

Dickens began a love affair with Maria Beadnell in 1830.  The relationship ended in 1833, when Dickens was 21.  In 1835, Dickens became engaged to 19-year-old Catherine Thomson Hogarth.  The pair married a year later, in 1836.  Dickens was controversially attached to Catherine’s sister Mary, with whom the couple lived, even requesting to be buried next to her after her death in 1837.  After Mary’s death, Dickens removed a ring from her finger, which he wore for the rest of his life. 

In 1857, Dickens fell in love with Ellen Ternan, a young actress.  A year later, he and Catherine separated.  In 1865, Dickens, Ternan and Ternan’s mother were involved in a rail crash at Staplehurst whilst returning home from Dickens’s public readings from Paris.  Theirs was the only first-class carriage not to plunge over a bridge, and the group escaped the accident.  Dickens succeeded in avoiding appearing at the inquest into the incident, closely escaping the scandal that would have arisen if the public found out about him travelling with Ternan and her mother. 

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charlotte 26 November, 2009

i dislike him beacause he went to one woman to the other one

anonymous suspect 15 September, 2014

did charles dickens get christend at the same church as william blake?

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