''…although the happiness and delight of my life lie buried there […], I have not made a coffin of my heart.'' Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

Dickens died at his home at Gad’s Hill Place at the age of 58.  He suffered a stroke on 8th June 1870, after spending the whole day writing Edwin Drood.  He never regained consciousness and died the following day at 6:10pm.  Dickens’s funeral service took place on 14th June 1870 at Westminster Abbey and was followed by a 3-day-long procession of mourners.  Despite his desire for a humble, private service at Rochester Cathedral, he was buried in the Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey.  Dickens requested in his will that no memorial be built in his memory. 

Dickens’s tomb was inscribed with the words: ‘Charles Dickens Born 7th February 1812 Died 9th June 1870.’ 

A statement distributed at his funeral read: ‘To the Memory of Charles Dickens (England’s most popular author) who died at his residence, Higham, near Rochester, Kent, June 9th, 1870, aged 58 years.  He was a sympathiser with the poor, the suffering, and the oppressed; and by his death, one of England’s greatest writers is lost to the world..’

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ophelie 5 November, 2009

je ne comprend pas !

ophelie 15 November, 2009

je ne comprend pasa!

Jacob B 18 January, 2010

this site was clear and answered the questions set by my teacher. thank you

sameer 30 April, 2010

dickens determined to do well in life why|

danielle 4 November, 2010

Dickens was great.

good lit 16 December, 2010

Dickens wanted to be buried in Kent...poor guy didnt get his last wish..

Keith G 29 November, 2012

So governments haven't changed! They always do what they want, and not what the individual wants! Anyone who wanted to view his grave could do so easier at Rochester than at Westminster Abbey, even then, and especially so today!

leah 14 May, 2013

he was awsome !

Bethany .P. 8 December, 2014

Charles was a great author and was educated well the thing I don't understand is why he had to have a stroke. This also answered a lot of my questions that my teacher asked me do to so thanks! X

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